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35 SOU "Dobri Voinikov"

It was founded in 1950 as the first modern school in Sofia, teaching Russian as a foreign language.

  1. Specialized studies in Physics, Chemistry, Biology,Music
  2. Well-equipped computer rooms, e-mail, internet
  3. French system for distance teaching VIFAX
  4. Video hall, video and audio equipment
  5. Rich School library with over 15000 books
  6. Bookshop
  7. 2 gimnasiums, with open sports ground
  8. Canteen, buffet

Some of the former students are now eminent politicians, with successful careers in science,economics, education, art, culture and sport.
Total number of students 2002/2003 - 1344
The total number of graduating students in 2002 was 134.127 of then continue their education in higher eucation institutions.21 of them are now studing in foreign countries, the rest are in some of the best Bulgarian universities.
Students learn at least 2 foreign languages - English, German, French, Russian

  1. Compulsory foreign language education - from 1st to 7th grade
  2. Intensive language education in secondary school
  3. The diplomas of the students in French classes entitle them to continue their education in French universities.
  4. Educational and cultural exchange programs with Germnay, France and Austria

The school offers:
  1. Computer courses
  2. Multimedia language courses
  3. Drama studio in French
  4. School newspaper
  5. Latino dances
  6. Karate club
  7. Basketball teams for all ages
  8. Volleyball teams
  9. Aerobic groups

  10. Green School
  11. Excursions
  12. School trips and investigation excursions
Curriculum - foreign languages
1st grade - 1 foreign language - English or German
5th grade - 2nd foreign languade - Russian
Secondary School - intensive learning of French or German in 8th grade, 22 lessons per week

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